For a good decade, the all-white kitchen renovation has dominated its fair share of Pinterest boards. But, if you’re looking for something a little more layered, inviting, and most importantly, personal, relief is in sight! With the new year come new kitchen designs!

With advice from design experts, here are the top kitchen design trends we expect to see in 2018:

1. Kitchen Designs are Getting Smarter
Hanna-Barbera, the creator of the Jetson’s predicted it! Smart kitchens are here and they’re evolving every year. The Jetsons had it easy when it came to preparing, eating, and even cleaning up after meals. We’re not at that level of sophistication just yet, however, there are new innovations on the market that aid homeowners with daily routines.

Motion sense-equipped kitchen faucets are perfect for those who love to cook, but don’t enjoy the smudges left by it. Refrigerators can now alert you when your groceries items are running low. Speaking of which, one of the hottest kitchen design trends we are seeing for 2018 is gray toned appliances in a dark brushed metal finish. Watch out, Stainless Steel appliances, you may be soon becoming a second favorite!

2. Kitchen Cabinet Colors Are Getting Dark

As popular as white cabinets are, grey is the second choice for many. Grey cabinets are versatile for any look or kitchen remodel project. White and grey seem to be the two big cabinet colors going into 2018 still. Their modern clean look will keep them as kitchen update favorites for years. But there is another color palette slowly making its way into the kitchen–Dark jewel tones, such as Black, Navy, Emerald green or possibly Plumb.  These dark kitchen cabinets are favorites among those looking to enhance their current kitchen design or bring a bold element to their kitchen renovation.

3. Kitchen Renovations with Texture

Kitchen designs in 2018 will feature materials with texture! Floor tiles in a natural stone or backsplash tiles that are sculpted, beveled, or stacked make for the perfect focal point.

Take a look at our home remodeling portfolio for design ideas.

4. Quartz is Still King

Why is this material the go-to for most kitchen renovations? It is extremely hardy, can last virtually forever, is a breeze to maintain and is anti-microbial. Granite, comes in second, but it must be properly sealed and requires slightly more maintenance. More and more homeowners are opting for colors like: black, grey, taupe, creamy or white finishes.

Kitchen Renovation in Westfield, New Jersey with Quartz Countertops

5.Kitchen Cabinetry with Functionality

Gone are the days where your kitchen countertops were cluttered with an array of groceries, spices and dishware. Today, there are cabinetry solutions that work well with every kitchen design. Kitchen cabinet options include: lazy Susans, pull-outs for spices, groceries and trash bins (to name a few) and custom inserts that hold utensils, cookware and dishware in place.

6. Hardwood & Ceramic Flooring

Hardwood flooring is still very popular when it comes to homeowners making a selection for their kitchen renovation flooring. But the second most popular option, ceramic flooring, is about to get more attention. Thanks to technology, ceramic flooring now comes in a wide variety of designs and styles and sizes.

7. Kitchen Renovations with Multipurpose Kitchen Islands

Those looking to tackle a kitchen renovation in 2018 will have more options when it comes to designing their island. Larger kitchen islands will become jack of all trades. They will have storage solution cabinets and be fitted with various undercounter appliances while also having seating serving as a casual dining and/or drinking bar.

Kitchen Renovation in Scotch Plains with Large Island