2020 Remodeling Trends & High ROI Projects

With the year coming to an end, and the new one right around the corner, you may be thinking about changing up an outdated room in your home. Whether that means finally taking a sledge hammer to that outdated tub and shower in your master bathroom, or refinishing cabinets in your kitchen. With so many interior design possibilities to choose from; you may be wondering what the latest home remodeling trends are, and what will give you the most ROI? 

We’ve compiled new home trends in 2020 to be aware of, such as:

  • Kitchen remodeling trends
  • Bathroom remodeling trends
  • Materials & remodeling ideas for 2020 

We’ll also share how to come up with a concept for your space, and projects that return the highest ROI when it comes time to sell. 

One of the things we speak on in our free How to Work with a Contractor e-book is being prepared. An easy way to organize all of the ideas you see here and other places is through an ideabook. Houzz let’s you create a free profile and ideabooks for each room of your home.

This way, you can easily pull up your must-haves and wants from your phone or ipad when meeting with a remodeling Contractor to discuss your project

Let’s take a look at what you can expect to see in home design at the start of the new decade.

2020 Will See More Black in Bathrooms

White subway tile and calacatta countertops have been a staple of kitchen and bathroom design in recent years. The look was especially popular in farmhouse designs. However, this trend is beginning to phase out. 

home improvement trends with black grout

Black is expected to replace the popular white-on-white trend beginning in 2020. If you’re scratching your head thinking how and why, that’s understandable. It may be difficult to picture black as a substitute in a clean and minimalist setting. 

Black can be used in a number of ways in both the bathroom and kitchen: as a base, as grout, in tiles, and with metallic or matte tones. Additionally, there are several reasons why black is a strong color choice in the kitchen and bathroom:

Black compliments marble. If you enjoy the look of black marble countertops, you’ll be happy to know that the hints of black and gray striations found in it add detail to your space (especially when used as a bathroom vanity). When paired with black grout or the right paint colors, it can be a highlight of the room.

Black cabinets in home design trends 2020

Black creates a clean aesthetic. White isn’t the only color that can make a space feel cohesive and clean. Black can achieve the same effect, without showing dust, dirt and grime. Instead of white cabinets and white subway tile, try a hued black cabinet with a gray subway tile and black grout. 

If that’s not your style, explore other possibilities through our home design ideabook

Kitchen Remodeling to Remain Top Project in 2020 

This comes as no surprise as renovating the kitchen provides the most return on your investment, brings the family together in a meaningful way, and provides organization and efficiency for day to day living. 

Whether you’ve just purchased a new home, or have finally begun tackling your reno list, kitchens are the perfect first project because they set the stage for the rest of the home. Flooring running from the kitchen easily transitions into living areas, hallways, entry ways, and beyond. 

It’s not uncommon for homeowners to choose a flooring for the kitchen that carries all the way throughout the house. And, if you’re ready to say goodbye to your white kitchen and give your new kitchen remodel the spotlight; these kitchen design trends will reign supreme in 2020

Sustainable materials. This includes cabinetry that is made with sustainable materials and low emissions finishes. 

Gold hardware. Unlike the bright brass hardware that was popular in the late twentieth century, today’s modern gold hardware is a bit more muted and often has a matte finish. It can be mixed and matched with other metallic finishes such as stainless steel appliances or faucets, or stand alone as the dominant finish. 

Dark blue cabinetry. With Sherwin-Williams naming Naval, a rich dark blue, their 2020 Color of the Year, this comes as no surprise. Dark and navy blues are no stranger to home design these past few years. 

dark blue cabinetry home design trends 2020

Dark blue cabinets can be used as a pop of color on an island, or they can be incorporated throughout. Coincidentally, dark blue cabinetry pairs quite nicely with trendy gold hardware giving an upscale and regal look.

Open shelves & deep kitchen drawers. With the popularity of the farmhouse and rustic look that swept home design the last several years, this feature is one most homeowners are familiar with. 

Its ability to add personality to a kitchen with thoughtfully displayed décor and accessories makes it a trend that will carry over into 2020. Popular shelving materials consist of natural materials like wood and marble. Additionally, it’s a great remodeling idea on a budget. 

marble backsplash home trends 2020

Full wall backsplashes. If you’re looking for a statement backsplash for a modern kitchen, consider a marble slab that extends from the countertop to the ceiling. In addition to the sophistication and beauty it will bring, it’s also easier to clean and more durable than painted walls. 

Home Projects with the Highest ROI in 2020

Now that you know the hottest design features for your home, it’s time to take a look at the projects that will provide you with the highest ROI. The data below was taken from the 2019 Hanley Wood Cost vs. Value Guide. Nationally, here are the five projects with the greatest ROI in the report’s mid-range cost category:

Manufactured Stone Veneer (94.9% ROI)
Average Cost: $8,907
Average Resale Value: $8,449

Minor Kitchen Renovation (80.5% ROI)
Average Cost: $22,507
Average Resale Value: $18,123

Deck Addition (Wood) (75.6% ROI)
Average Cost: $13,333
Average Resale Value: $10,083

Siding Replacement (75.6% ROI)
Average Cost: $16,036
Average Resale Value: $12,119

Entry Door Replacement (Steel) (74.9% ROI)
Average Cost: $1,826
Average Resale Value: $1,368

And the five projects with the greatest ROI in the report’s upscale cost category are:

Garage Door Replacement (97.5% ROI)
Average Cost: $3,611
Average Resale Value: $3,520

Window Replacement (Vinyl) (73.4% ROI)
Average Cost: $16,802
Average Resale Value: $12,332

Grand Entrance (Fiberglass) (71.9% ROI)
Average Cost: $8,994
Average Resale Value: $6,469

Window Replacement (Wood) (70.8% ROI)
Average Cost: $20,526
Average Resale Value: $14,530

Bathroom Remodel (60.2% ROI)
Average Cost: $64,743
Average Resale Value: $38,952

Whatever your home remodeling goals are for 2020, SEI Construction, Inc is happy to help with a free consultation. Our team of expert designers and carpenters can answer your questions, and help you get your project on the right start. 

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