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Our Mission

We are SEI Construction, Inc, a whole-house remodeling and restoration company founded on Skill, Excellence, and Innovation.

Our streamlined
approach addresses all the facets of a project while providing collaboration, cohesion, innovative designs, quality construction, and an exceptional experience for our clients.

General Contractor in Office

Mike Rizzo

Owner & ....

General Contractor in Office

Kimberly Rodriguez

Office Manager

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Team Member

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How Our Mission
Impacts Your Goals

Discover how we provide our clients with a one-stop and all-encompassing approach to home remodeling while eliminating the most common pain points associated with project design and construction phases. 

We Collaborate

With clients and our network of trusted trade professionals and designers to develop unique, customized spaces that reflect the people we make them for, are functional, and provide the best sense of home.

We're Innovative

We take your inspiration, concepts, and wishes and create an innovative design with perfect materials, products, fabrics, appliances, woodwork, and more that reflect your style, vision, and budget.

We're Experts

With a team of in-house carpenters and trusted trade professionals and more, you can rest assured that your project will receive the foresight, expertise, and quality construction you are after.

Our Commitment to a Clean, Dust-Free Home

The disruption of a home remodeling project’s construction phase can be hard enough for you before walls come down and dust spreads. At SEI Construction, Inc., we want to make your home more livable during construction and provide a stress-free demo experience, which is why we use the BuildClean Dust Control System.

BuildClean is different from the usual dust barriers, fans, and vacuums. This innovative dust control system minimizes dust migration throughout homes by eliminating 90% of airborne dust.

Our Awards, Accolades & Associations

Sure, we like awards and recognition. They confirm that we are meeting (and even exceeding) the standards we've set for our work. But what's even better is knowing that behind it all are thrilled customers throughout Union County, NJ, and surrounding areas.

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