Historic Restorations

Make what’s old new again – and keep its historical features intact!

Imagine Your Home…Transformed

Create your own historic renovation dream with help from SEI Construction, Inc. If your historic property needs attention, SEI Construction would love to help. With more than 30 years experience serving the central New Jersey area, we know you want your historic restoration to be as seamless and low-impact as possible.

From Tear Out to Build Out

Some of the nicest homes in the area are homes that were let go for many years. You may have just purchased a fixer-upper that needs the proper care older homes require. With our attention to detail, fine craftsmanship and innovative designs, your renovation will be the talk of the neighborhood!

Salvaging History

We go out of our way to repurpose or upcycle as much material as we can to preserve the aged and refined look you want from a true historic restoration. Taking this extra step lends natural beauty to your project that is often over-looked from “cookie cutter” restorations.

Design That Satisfies

Getting it built

Historic restorations require a bit more detail and planning up front to make sure that the historic aspect remains, and new-world functionality is baked in. In other words, a sparkling new kitchen with modern conveniences with design elements from the 1800’s.

Let us help you restore your historical home to its glory!

In the end, we believe its the hundred little things instead of just a few big things the make a restoration project complete. Returning your building to its proper historical ancestry while keeping your needs and your budget in mind is what separates SEI Construction from other restoration companies

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