The architectural design and layout of houses change over the years and many older homes need to be remodeled in order to look current and fresh inside and out. Other times, people purchase an inexpensive house with the idea of remodeling because the rooms are not laid out in the best way for their family. Whatever your reason for remodeling your home, we’re here to help. SEI Construction honestly believes in our tagline because every space can be amazing, and we enjoy creating amazing spaces for homeowners in Westfield and the surrounding areas.

A remodeling project can be difficult and time consuming, but once the house has been finished you will be very happy with the final design. We will work closely with you to make sure that your vision is brought to reality whether we’re working with the interior or exterior of your home – or both.

Everyone who is planning a remodel should hire a general contractor, even if we aren’t your primary choice. Make sure that the general contractor will help you understand all of the little phases of the project. They will probably hire subcontractors who will work on the plumbing, electrical, and heating and cooling. They will also order all of the supplies that are needed for the renovation, help keep the project on budget, and maintain the deadlines for each phase.

Here are a few things that we recommend to everyone who is planning a whole house remodel:

  1. Talk to the general contractor and get their opinion about certain items. You may find out that some of the expensive items are not worth the cost. They may be able to suggest the perfect alternative at a lower price. Every attempt at saving money allows you to add those funds back into the project somewhere else or splurge on a different item.
  2. Everyone who remodels needs to plan for the future as well. We suggest that you think about the future as you are making plans. If you have young children, then a permanent baby gate may be a good idea for now, but not in ten years. You also need to think about yourself and how accessible the house will be as you or another family member ages. Even though you don’t need wheelchair or walker accessibility now, it doesn’t mean that you never will. It is easier to make those changes now when everything else is being renovated.
  3. If you have an older house, then we recommend upgrading your electrical panel. A newer kitchen will use more amps than an older house is usually designed for. You do not want to have a brand new kitchen that you cannot use because you do not have the correct amount of available electricity.
  4. If you are starting with a smaller remodeling project now, we recommend that you have an idea of what else you would like to accomplish in the future. A good general contractor can use the information to plan the phases of the entire project properly. There is no point in replacing an electric panel and needing to upgrade it again in a few years, because you are adding another small room. If the general contractor has this information from the beginning, they can use a larger panel when it is replaced.

The more information that you have as you are remodeling your house, the more successful the renovation will be. We always work very closely with the homeowners we serve because we understand that our project is your home. Our project must meet your requirements and fit your lifestyle in order to be considered a success. Give us a call at 908-789-9151 if you’re in Westfield or the surrounding areas and would like to remodel your home with us.

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