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Many of the homeowners that we meet are uncertain on how to begin designing their kitchen remodel, bathroom remodel or other home remodeling project concept. That is until they discover the design build advantages. This approach to remodeling allows us as your Cranford NJ design build company to establish a budget, design your project through renderings and meet any lifestyle and project objectives before the project is under construction. 

By doing so, you’ll have a defined design, scope, and budget that will help you navigate through construction costs and each stage of your project delivery. 

Choosing the Right Cranford NJ Design Build Construction Company for Your Project

You can rest assured that our design build team is part of the Better Business Bureau and has received numerous accolades for our bathroom and kitchen designs. We understand how important your budget is to you and so, we design and calculate prices in tandem to provide cost savings and control your project budget. 

Additionally, with our design process and delivery method, you’ll work with one company from start to finish. This provides single-source accountability, reduces oversights, and ensures that the designer and builder work collaboratively to provide the results you want. 

SEI Construction, Inc’s Design Build Method 

  • Lifestyle and design profile consultation to determine how your home can best suit your lifestyle
  • Scope of work assessment (design phase, pre-construction, construction, post-construction)
  • Universal design and aging in place strategies (where necessary)
  • Room flow options for adjacent areas of the main project area
  • Dust protection plan. Ask us about our dust control management system
  • A custom design plan based on design profile
  • Estimated budget and contingency factors
  • Assessment of funding and payment solutions, including sample project schedules
  • Outline potential project timeline, including start and completion dates.

Why Trust Us As Your Cranford NJ Design Build Contractor?

During our free consultation, we’ll review in detail your concepts and how we will cater them into the design build project delivery. We will also share our design build project examples with you should you need additional inspiration.

The consultation also includes a reviewal of each stage that’s part of the design build process. This includes everything from showroom visiting hours, construction planning to our design build fees.

By the end of our consultation, our main goal is to provide you with an understanding of how your project will progress and save you time and money, not to mention frustration. 

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