Resale value is not the only reason to consider an exterior remodeling project. A home, not a house, provides a retreat at the end of a long day. It is the first thing you drive up to so naturally, creating appeal, and having an attractive, well-cared-for house is reason enough for homeowners. Best of all, updating your home’s exterior can fit any budget, whether you are thinking of a major exterior remodeling project such as updating your home’s entryway or a small improvement, such as a fresh coat of exterior paint.

If you can relate, but aren’t sure your exterior remodeling projects will pay off, this article is for you. 

We’ll cover:

  • The top exterior remodeling projects.
  • Projects will enhance your home’s curb appeal while adding to its value.
  • Home improvement projects that will allow you to recoup a large percentage of the project cost when you sell your home.
  • Tips for choosing the right remodeling company for your project.

Popular Exterior Remodeling Projects

Entry Door Replacement

Your front door is the first part of your home’s interior someone will see. So, it’s no surprise that its remained one of the best home improvement projects throughout the decades. Its benefits go beyond improving aesthetics. Replacing an old, worn front door cuts down on energy loss – and has an average recouped cost of 90.7% in the Central New Jersey area.

Home Siding & Your Options

It’s no surprise that once the Summer heat goes up, so do utility costs. Insulated siding offers a solution for those who want to update their home with the latest energy-saving technology. Your exterior home remodeling project can include a variety of siding profiles, including engineered wood siding, cedar textured shakes, lap and traditional panels. The best part? Home siding updates in Central New Jersey have an average recouped cost of 89.4%.

Exterior Remodeling

Garage Door Replacement

Ah, the garage door. Talk about an exterior home remodeling project that pays for itself – both in style and recouped cost. In recent years, homeowners have gone beyond functionality when updating garage spaces. With the garage often being one of the most visible parts of the home exterior, more homeowners are opting in for style. Popular garage door designs include carriage house garage doors, contemporary garage doors and craftsman style garage doors. You can expect to recoup an average of 76.9% when you replace your garage doors.

Deck Addition

This all-American project never ceases to grow in popularity, because it offers more than a return on your investment. Outdoor decks provide a great place for hosting events (like those summertime grill-outs), relaxing and even gardening potted plants. This exterior home remodeling project will leave Central New Jersey homeowners with an average recouped cost of 71.5% for wood and 65.2% for composite.

Backyard Patio

This is the second most popular exterior remodeling project for unwinding and relaxing. If you spend a lot of time outside in the summer and spring months, adding an outdoor kitchen allows you to food prep and entertain at the same time. Outside of having a cool place to host family and friends; this exterior home remodeling project has an average recouped cost of 54.9%.

Roofing Replacement

Last, but certainly not least is roofing replacement. While not as fun as some of the other exterior remodeling projects; roof replacement is an important part of home maintenance. While this isn’t an inexpensive home improvement project, it does add additional benefits outside of curb appeal. It’s the first line of defense against water damage and makes a home easier to sell. Homeowners in Central New Jersey can receive an average recouped cost of 68.8% from this exterior remodeling project.

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Hiring a Remodeling Company for Your Home’s Exterior Remodel

The person you choose to complete your exterior updates will be in and around your home and family so you’ll want to do diligence during the interview process. There are tons of online resources that share information on the questions to ask and what to be aware of, but that requires additional research on your end.

To make things easier, we have prepared a free downloadable guide on Choosing the Right Remodeling Company. It takes all of the guesswork and frustration out of the hiring process. You’ll get insight on how to verify licenses and insurance coverage, avoid unexpected project costs, approach payments, signing a contract, and more.

But the most important thing to be cognizant of is the communication you get from them and the chemistry you feel when relaying what’s important to you. You want a team that is working on behalf of your needs. Listen to your gut if your opinion is never taken into account, concerns get disregarded, or if they are not communicating with you to ensure the end result is one that you love.

There you have it, the top exterior home improvement updates that add to your home’s curb appeal and pay for themselves over time. If you have a project you’d like to discuss contact us for a free no-obligation consultation or visit our exterior renovations gallery for inspiration.

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