Fall Remodeling in New Jersey – Projects to Spruce Up Your Home

When you decide to remodel a space in your home, there’s a lot of things to consider before officially scheduling the project. One important thing to decide on is what time of year you should plan it for. Though different benefits come with scheduling during each season, one of the best times to remodel is the fall. Fall remodeling projects bring many advantages. In this blog, we will cover: 

  • Why fall is the perfect time to remodel 
  • Which projects will give you a remodeling magazine-worthy home 
  • Remodeling projects that will help bring down energy bills
  • The benefits of home painting and which fall colors work best for certain spaces 
  • Choosing a remodeling company/ general contractor to complete your home remodeling projects

Benefits Of Remodeling In The Fall

The fall season itself brings with it a lot of changes. Perhaps that is why so many homeowners are inspired to replace their entry doors, freshen up their exterior paint job, or update those vinyl windows to a type of window that fits their style and agrees with their pockets. Listed are some benefits that come along with remodeling in the fall.

There is a myth floating around out there about fewer homeowners remodeling in the fall. That just has not been our case. We usually see an uptick in remodeling project requests during the fall month.

The weather in Central New Jersey is best in the fall months if you plan to paint a room or paint the ceiling because it is mild enough for you to leave your doors and windows open without your house getting too cold. This allows the paint to dry and settle faster.

If you have been seriously considering this project, you have likely taken to Instagram, Houzz, and Pinterest to gather visuals and color inspiration. Year after year, a new color is introduced as the color of the year. If you enjoy keeping up with home trends, you can turn to Pantone for contemporary pops of color. If you are someone who enjoys the memories and moods traditional fall colors bring, we’ve outlined our picks for colors that work well on interior and exterior doors, living rooms, kitchens, dining rooms, bathrooms, and more. A paintbrush can even be used to apply the color of your choice to window trims for an updated exterior look. 

fall paint colors from sherwin williams-min

Speaking of windows, many homeowners do not know the actual age of the windows and doors in their homes. This is especially true if you are the home’s second, third, or fourth owner. For newer and historic homes with wood windows, you will be glad to know that a wooden frame acts as a great insulator, keeping warmth in and cold air out. Replacing old windows with wooden ones can lower energy bills, as well. 

However, overtime windows and doors become less effective at blocking wind and weather, which is why they should be replaced every 10 to 15 years. And the perfect time for window replacement? Why the fall of course. There are no storms or extreme heat issues installers or homeowners must face. This ensures not only comfort but helps the sealant process.

Home Addition with Many Windows

Perhaps the biggest advantage of replacing double-hung windows, sliding windows, casement windows, and other common choices, is the price. Window companies typically have yearly quotas they must fill before the slowdown in the winter. This leads to promotional offers, financing deals, deferred payments, rebates, and more.

Door replacement in the fall also comes with the same financial advantages as windows. It is one of the most popular fall home remodeling projects because it can decrease home energy costs and provide the perfect focal point for guests as they arrive to celebrate the holidays over the next two months.

Wood beam exterior renovation

By planning ahead and coordinating your remodeling timeline during the fall months, you can reap the benefits above. 

The Best Interior Remodeling Projects For The Fall

While the projects above can surely spruce up your home, sometimes, you just need to add a room, do a complete overhaul, or get your kitchen ready for entertaining in the months ahead. For those reasons and more, the projects below are perfect to begin in early fall. 

Kitchen remodeling: When you think of Thanksgiving and Christmas, the saying “the kitchen is the heart of the home” is spot on. Over the next few months, your kitchen will likely be welcoming family and friends. If you coordinate the details of your kitchen design in the late summer months, construction should be finalized just in time for holiday festivities. Whether you want small kitchen updates or a new kitchen design, fall can be the perfect time to begin a kitchen remodeling project.

Transitional Kitchen Island

Bathroom remodeling:
Placing your feet on heated floors, enjoying hot water in a new spa-like shower, and unwinding in a new soaker tub are just some of the possibilities you can enjoy when you remodel your bathroom before the winter months. Small updates to your powder bathroom or guest bathroom can also be made to handle the influx of people using them over the holiday season.

framed industrial shower

A Home Addition: Whether you plan to build up or build-out, a home addition in the fall has tremendous advantages. The weather is ideal for pouring concrete and laying down framing.

Home Addition Entryway

The same fall financial incentives for doors and windows are typically available for other home remodeling products and materials such as cabinets, appliances, lighting, flooring, and tile. Remodeling in the fall can cut costs on these items and put some money in your pocket, or allow you to upgrade to a material that would typically cost more without the incentives in place. 

Choosing a Remodeling Company or General Contractor for Your Home Remodeling Projects

When it comes to the place your family calls home, the difference is in the details, and the company executing them. Hire the right company for your project by asking the questions in our guide.