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Getting the Custom Home You Really Want in New Jersey

The housing market is rebounding in some areas, which is fantastic if you’re considering purchasing a new home. But if you prefer having a home that reflects your unique taste and fantastic personality you are not alone. A number of people turn to experienced home contractors to get the home of their dreams; they simply create it by remodeling their existing home or build a custom home on their own land.

Whole house renovations may take longer than identifying a new home in your price range and going through the buying process, but building a custom home is more rewarding for most homeowners because they can truly customize throughout the renovation process. Let’s talk about a few more perks regarding your custom home remodeling project.

Redesigning Your Home

You will find that the best contractors will welcome your ideas and work with you to remodel your existing home into your dream home. Our builders here at SEI enjoy the challenges presented by local homeowners, and we work diligently to see your existing home become your dream home. Sometimes a simple remodeling job is all it takes to turn a mundane home into a home to be proud of.

We can quickly tell you whether your ideas will work, and if they are keeping with local building codes. We will also find a way to implement elements of your ideas even if the original idea won’t work. Ensuring that everything is up to code is extremely important, and our builders are very familiar with New Jersey building codes. We will also take into account factors such as the amount of yard space and the size of your family when designing the home addition.

Material and Labor Costs

These details will have to be fully worked out before the project can begin. You will also have to decide whether you will be able to fund it yourself or if you will have to seek financing. Many homeowners have the ability to take out a second mortgage, or a home equity loan. If your budget does not match the scope of the project, you can scale it down to make it more affordable. Here are some places people reduce costs from their budget:

  • Kitchen Cabinet Hardware – Some less expensive hardware looks incredible as a lower-cost alternative.
  • Kitchen Cabinets – Choose less expensive cabinets so you can splurge where it really counts.
  • Different Materials – Materials get expensive fast! We’ll help you find the best materials at the best prices.

Getting Ideas

We know you have some great ideas for your new remodeling project, and more ideas are all around you if you know where to look. Visit colleagues, friends, and family to get a few ideas. You can also search the Internet for great home remodeling ideas. Some great places to look include and

Another simple option is to ask us for some design help. We have a gallery on the websites that you can browse. This will not only inspire your creativity, it will give you a chance to see the quality of our work.

Before the demolition and reconstruction processes start, it is a good idea to notify your neighbors. Construction and renovation are things they are probably used to, but it is a courtesy that they will no doubt appreciate.

What are your ideas for home remodeling in central New Jersey? We would love to hear from you and discuss the viability of unique options. Give us a call at 908-789-9151 to hash out the details of your remodeling project.

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