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SEI Construction, Inc, offers a variety of remodeling services in Westfield, NJ, and surrounding townships. We have an extensive portfolio of the following remodeling jobs: 

  • Kitchen Remodels
  • Kitchen Renovations
  • Bathroom Remodels 
  • Bathroom Renovations
  • Interior Remodels 
  • Exterior Remodels 
  • Home Additions 
  • Historic Restorations 

Kitchen Renovations in Westfield, NJ

In our 30+ years as a kitchen renovation company in Westfield NJ, we’ve helped many enjoy their remodeling process. When you contact us to discuss your kitchen renovation ideas and remodeling budget, you’ll receive the guidance and foresight you expect from a company that promises to handle every aspect of your kitchen renovation project. 

If you’re uncertain about how to go about establishing a kitchen renovation budget that will provide the best ROI, we can assist you. Our team has completed kitchen renovations on a budget and luxury home kitchens throughout Westfield, NJ, and surrounding townships. Because of this, we’re able to make recommendations based on your area that will likely return more at resale.

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    Bathroom Renovation Services in Westfield, NJ

    If you’ve been planning your bathroom renovation for months or even years, but you dread the thought of having to coordinate all the phases of the renovation process, turn to SEI Construction Inc. We have 30+ years of experience completing bathroom renovations in Westfield, NJ, and surrounding communities. Our team of designers and bathroom construction experts will help you make the beautiful new bathroom renovation of your dreams a reality without the potential nightmares of surprise expenses and dealing with multiple companies to get the job done.

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    What is the Difference Between a Bathroom Renovation Contractor and a Bathroom Remodeling Contractor in Westfield, NJ?

    Your searches for bathroom interior design ideas and materials have likely resulted in a variety of information. You may notice the words “renovate” and “remodel” are often used interchangeably when it comes to home remodeling, contractor websites, and interior design. However, when you reach out to a bathroom contractor about the cost to complete your project, you will want to be sure you are communicating your plans clearly as one is significantly more expensive than the other. A renovation refers to restoring something to a previous state, while a remodel refers to creating something new.

    A Bathroom Remodeling Contractor in Westfield, NJ That Delivers

    As mentioned above, a bathroom remodel will transform the overall look and functionality of your space. That’s why the bathroom remodeling contractor you choose can make your experience an enjoyable one, or turn it into a nightmare. Whatever your remodeling goals, with our bathroom remodeling approach, you’ll receive a team of experts who will consult with you and oversee each phase of the remodel. It all starts with a free consultation and in-person meeting where we’ll listen to your design ideas, wants, and needs.

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    Beautiful Bathroom Design Services in Westfield, NJ

    There’s nothing worse than beginning a bathroom remodeling project with a company you think is the right fit for you and finding out that they don’t offer all the services you need. As a result, you are left playing interior designer and project manager. The stress you hoped to avoid presents itself at each turn. At SEI Construction, Inc, we want our clients to have an enjoyable experience. That’s why our team of bathroom designers handles all the coordination of your project. They will take the concepts you provide and guide you through a thorough design process to flesh out the end result you have dreamt of. You can expect assistance with colors, materials, finishes, project management, and more. Perhaps that’s why so many homeowners have come to us for bathroom design services in Westfield, NJ, and surrounding townships. 

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    How Much Does Remodeling in Westfield, NJ Cost?

    There are so many variables that we cannot provide you with a straightforward answer without speaking with you first. However, we can provide you with a checklist to help you narrow your search for a remodeling company in Westfield, NJ. Our free download on Choosing the Right Remodeling Company for Your Project provides how-to’s on verifying licenses, avoiding unexpected project costs, insurance coverage, and more.

    By addressing all of these things early on in your search, you can be sure you choose a company that will stand right by you and your remodeling project. 

    Remodeling TIp: Always discuss contingency funds as part of the cost to remodel your home in Westfield, NJ. While most companies will provide you with an overall cost, an experienced company has the foresight to know that there are things that will occur when walls come down and flooring comes up and will factor that into the cost for remodeling services.  

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    Westfield, NJ Remodeling Reviews

    SEI construction added a net-new master suite, remodeled 1 full bath, created a net-new full bath in the basement, and redid all HVAC duct work, roofing, and siding.

    Our contractor selection criteria was quality and project management. We needed good communication and a central point of contact for questions, and SEI checked those boxes at a very reasonable price.

    The owner Mike Rizzo was a great communicator and very relatable. He always made technical topics Easy to understand. He’s got young kids and was great to our kids. Always patient and accommodating.

    Our project lead was Tyler. He was friendly, funny, and an expert carpenter. There was quality and precision in everything he built. He was really nice to my 6 and 8 daughters every day and even got my youngest a birthday present. So thoughtful! He also let me bang a few nails so I felt part of the build process.

    I’m thrilled with the work they did. Very content with the price we paid, and so grateful for their attention to every detail, which makes all the difference in the world.

    I would recommend SEI to anyone looking to remodel or add new space.

    Aaron BPast client Google Review

    We cannot recommend SEI Construction more highly.  As serial renovators, my husband and I have worked with many contractors in Westfield, NJ and the quality of craft, attention to detail, pace, and the absolutely delightful team of employees that SEI offers is unmatched. SEI is professional and qualified in every sense of the word and we cannot be more pleased with our final results!

    Linda HGoogle Review