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16 Great Ideas for Creating an Amazing Basement Space

The basement is the most underused and underappreciated space in the home. Many New Jersey homeowners only partly finish their basement and use it as dry, climate controlled storage for sentimental items and mementos. This is perfectly okay if that’s all you want to use the basement for, but today we’re talking to those of you who want more out of your basement. Let’s talk about doubling the square footage of your home and effectively adding to the overall value of your property. And let’s take a look at 16 great ideas for creating an amazing basement space that is perfectly suited for your lifestyle.

Play Room: This could be a playroom for children, teens, or adults, depending on the types of games available. Build some elaborate built-in shelving to protect game consoles and to store games that aren’t currently being played. Install that amazing projector screen you’ve had your eye on for several years now.

Play House: You know how a lot of kids have a little playhouse in the back yard? Create an entire room or two for the express purpose of making your little prince or princess feel special in their own indoor playhouse. Their playhouse will be the talk of grade school students for years to come.

Bar or Lounge: Create your own personal space and decorate it however you want. Buy that incredible leather sofa and recliner you’ve wanted, and stock the liquor cabinet so you can relax and watch the big screen in peace and quiet.

Den: Make this area one that is used primarily for peace and quiet. Build a nice fireplace and make it an electronics-free zone to ensure peace and tranquility.

Office: A home office is a wonderful area for people who can occasionally work from home or who own their own business. Create an amazing office that offers the quiet you need to get your work done more effectively.

Gym: A home gym is the perfect addition to a basement area because basements are always cooler than the rest of the home. No more driving to the gym before work and getting ready for work in the locker room. Create your own locker room in your personal gym and get ready in the comfort of your own home.

Wine Cellar: Create your own impressive wine collection. Not a wine connoisseur? Choose your beverage and dedicate the room to it. A brewery perhaps?

Racquetball Court: Racquetball is an incredibly fun sport. How many times have you driven to the gym to play racquetball only to discover that all of the courts are full? Avoid full courts by creating your own.

Steam Room: Create the perfect steam room in the comfort of your own basement. Truly relax without the worry that your towel may slip.

Skating Rink: Build a small skating rink or any other miniature sports field that you want. Play football or hockey in the comfort of your own basement, even if it’s a miniaturized game.

Craft Room: We all have crafts and hobbies. Build a large workbench to hold all of your model car parts, model plane parts, or whatever your hobby is. This is the perfect area for things like the sewing machine because it is loud but extremely useful.

Soundproof Room for Your Band: Band practice never sounded so good! Create an acoustically perfect room with soundproofing materials so you don’t bother the neighbors with 2am rehearsals. Throw in some recording equipment while you’re at it, and create your own studio.

A Full Apartment: Offset your mortgage payment by creating a full apartment that you can offer for rent. You can easily charge as much as $800 for a small apartment in the right area of town.

Swimming Pool: Dig a little deeper in one area and build an amazing swimming pool. Decorate the room like your own tropical paradise. Paint the ceiling to resemble the sky during your favorite time of day, and enjoy swimming in the privacy of your own basement pool.

Organized Storage: Let’s get a little cliche for a moment and talk storage. Yes, you can create a massive storage area in your basement. Organized storage areas are much neater and easier to navigate than just tossing things into boxes and stacking them in the basement.

Any Combination of the Above

You can literally do anything with your basement finishing or remodeling project. Take a good look at the list of awesome basement ideas we’ve provided and call us when you’re ready to get started.

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