Your Guide to Planning a Universal Design for Your Bathroom

The bathroom is the second most remodeled room in the home. The only room that receives more remodeling attention than the bathroom is the kitchen. If you’re planning to remodel your bathroom or build a custom universal bathroom in your new home, we have several ideas to keep in mind.

Universal Design

What exactly is universal design? We’re glad you asked! Universal design is the term used to describe a bathroom design that grows with you as you age. A great example would be grab bars and seating in a non-threshold shower. Grab bars and seating are very nice and provide added security for young children and for the elderly. They are a great addition to your shower regardless of your current age because they will come in handy later if you live independently well into your senior years as many people do now.

Non-Threshold Shower

Most showers are a stall with a door or a shower-tub unit with a shower curtain. A non-threshold shower is one that does not have a door to close and get in the way or a threshold to step over. Thresholds are often to blame when an elderly person trips and falls in the shower. Choosing a non-threshold option greatly reduces the chances of shower related injuries.

Comfort Height Toilet

A comfort height toilet is most comfortable for adults, and they are very accessible to people with mobility issues. Children often find them difficult to use, but they’re perfect for use in a ground floor master bathroom that is primarily used by adults. The addition of grab bars nearby is recommended for people with mobility issues.

Soaking Tub

The late 1990s through mid-2000s saw a decline in the number of garden tubs or stand-alone soaking tubs installed in modern bathrooms. Many homeowners chose shower stalls instead to save room because a long leisurely bath was uncommon. More people are realizing the importance of a relaxing soak in the tub now to relieve tired, sore muscles, and de-stress; and a warm soak relieves arthritis pain as well as other ailments that affect the elderly. A standing tub is quickly becoming more popular with today’s custom bathroom designs.

framed industrial shower

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Local Builders in Central New Jersey

Our builders here at SEI Construction are New Jersey residents and homeowners with a unique take on what true customization really means. Our goal is to create the bathroom you want, not the one your neighbor or friend down the street thinks is great. We will help you create a bathroom that will grow with you and provide a means for the independence that you’ll treasure as you age. Give us a call or schedule a consultation so you can show us exactly what you want and we can plan it together.