9 Choices For a Timeless Bathroom Remodel

Over the last few years, the SEI Construction, Inc. blog has served as a resource to gather inspiration, ideas, project prices, and planning information. We have written dozens of blogs on bathroom design trends and materials for transitional and contemporary bathrooms. But if that is not your style and you would like to create a space that will provide a high ROI and continue to remain trendy for decades to come, a timeless bathroom remodel can do just that. 

Before you read on, it is important to have a concept for your space. Otherwise, you may struggle to identify the best choices for your space and stay within your budget. 

To do this, begin by mapping out your budget. Even if you think you have this figured out, it is highly suggested that you run your figure against Hanley Wood’s Cost vs. Value guide. In doing so, you can compare your figure against what other small to large scale bathroom remodels cost in your area. 

Designing Your Bathroom Remodel

With so many retailers, warehouses, and online stores offering a variety of bathroom material options at every price point, it is easy to find the products you love at the price you want. As you would expect, higher-end materials and products will cost more. If you have a small bathroom remodel budget, there are alternatives you can select to help keep your costs down. 

A design-build company can help you throughout the material, product, and design coordination process. Many homeowners prefer using a design build company because it takes the stress, uncertainty, and overwhelm out of the remodeling process. The company can also navigate you through any “unforeseens” that may arise once walls come down and situations present themselves. 

Other remodeling phases a design build company can help you through:

  • Facilitating the permit pulling process
  • Communicating with all sub-contractors
  • Coordinating the construction process and managing the remodeling timeline

Now that you have a good start on what to expect and do prior to selecting your timeless bathroom remodeling products, here are a few that have remained in-demand over the last few decades and will continue to in the decades to come. 

  1. Heated Flooring: This seems to be a very popular option because New Jersey winters are notoriously cold, so everything we can do to ensure our comfort and peace of mind is a step in the right direction. Heated flooring reduces the need for rugs to keep your feet off of the cold tile.

    Warmup provides information on the two types of radiant floor heating, electric and water-based systems. Both provide heating in a room from the floor up for consistent, efficient warmth. Warm water systems run hot water through pipes to create heat, whereas electric underfloor heating heats wiring beneath the floor to generate heat.
  2. Marble, Stone, and Ceramics: Not only do these materials provide a sense of luxury and quality, but they are also strong, long-lasting, and easy to maintain. What more would a timeless bathroom require? In addition, such materials allow perfect temperature control. In summer they ensure pleasant coolness, while in winter, with the addition of in-floor heating, the bathroom is warm and pleasant.timeless black and white bathroom
  3. Oversized Showers: A big shower is nice, but an oversized shower is even nicer. Include plenty of space to take care of your personal hygiene, a comfortable sitting area for shaving, and enough space for two to enjoy a shower simultaneously.

    Our walk-in shower styles for every bathroom type provides options for your timeless bathroom remodel.
  4. Furniture Style Vanities: Ornate details add to the overall design of a traditional and timeless bathroom design. Most furniture-style vanities have chest-like drawers with bronze, black, or gold hardware. However, free-standing vanities that aren’t attached to any walls can have open shelving in lieu of closed cabinets and still provide a timeless look.Refurbished dresser for sink with barnwood and copper sink
  5. Soaking Tub: Japanese bathtubs, or soaking tubs, are a wonderful way to relax. Choose a standalone tub so one person can shower while the other soaks in the tub if they so choose.

    Our 9 remodeling ideas to take your bathroom to the next level blog provides pros and cons on the two main options: free standing vs built-in tubs.
  6. Spa-Like Atmosphere: Sleek lines, natural colors, a clean and spa-inspired bathroom exudes luxury. This type of bathroom promotes relaxation whether you’re preparing for the day ahead or getting ready to turn in for the night.

    spa-bathroom design

  7. Earth Tones: Earth tones have a very calming effect and they feel perfect for the bathroom. Don’t be afraid to play with color for accents and interchangeable decor options. A brightly colored vase on the vanity adds the perfect amount of color without feeling overwhelming. The same goes for the tile. Unless you are planning a Spanish bathroom design or Mediterranean bathroom design, go with neutral tile colors that will compliment the space for many years to come, thus making them “timeless”. Need a visual, check out our Houzz ideabook for bathroom designs with earth tones.
  8. Large Windows: The addition of large windows doesn’t mean you have to forsake privacy. Glass block or obscured glass is a wonderful way to allow natural light into the bathroom without feeling as if the entire neighborhood can watch you shower.
  9. Lighting: Apart from a window letting plenty of natural light in, there are two classical and traditional types of artificial lighting in a bathroom – wall and ceiling lighting. A timeless bathroom features wall fixed sconces with metallic hardware and crisp white shades in a simple traditional design. Timeless simplicity! As for the ceiling lighting, classical bathrooms would most often feature a chandelier. 

When it comes to choosing the best option for your timeless bathroom design, consider each of the items mentioned along with features that reflect your style for a special touch.

If you’d like to speak to one of our team members, we provide free consultations and estimates for your bathroom remodeling project. 

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