We saw a lot of amazing bathroom remodeling projects this year. Now that 2015 is coming to a close and 2016 is upon us, we’ve been really looking at a few things that make a bathroom remodel worth it. The idea of worth it varies from homeowner to homeowner, but here is our idea of the top 10 amazing bathroom trends for 2016.

  1. Heated Flooring: This seems to be a very popular option because tile is cold. New Jersey winters are notoriously cold, so everything we can do to ensure our comfort and peace of mind is a step in the right direction. Heated flooring reduces the need for rugs to keep your feet off of cold tile.
  2. Oversized Showers: A big shower is nice, but an oversized shower is even nicer. Include plenty of space to take care of your personal hygiene, a comfortable sitting area for shaving, and enough space for two to enjoy a shower simultaneously.
  3. Glass Shower Doors: Enclosed showers feel more compact than their actual size indicates. A solid shower enclosure or a shower curtain makes the room feel smaller than it actually is. The visual appearance of additional space is well worth the investment in glass shower doors.
  4. Soaking Tub: Japanese bathtubs, or soaking tubs, are a wonderful way to relax. Choose a standalone tub so one person can shower while the other soaks in the tub if they so choose.
  5. Separate Toilet Area: Some couples are perfectly comfortable taking care of personal needs while their partner is in the bathroom with them while others prefer complete privacy. Design your bathroom with a separate toilet area to increase privacy.
  6. Spa-Like Atmosphere: Sleek lines, natural colors, a clean and spa-inspired bathroom exudes luxury. This type of bathroom promotes relaxation whether you’re preparing for the day ahead or getting ready to turn in for the night.
  7. Earth Tones: Earth tones have a very calming effect and they feel perfect for the bathroom. Don’t be afraid to play with color for accents and interchangeable decor options. A brightly colored vase on the vanity adds the perfect amount of color without feeling overwhelming.
  8. Water Saving Amenities: Everyone wants to save energy and water. An on-demand water heater works very well in most bathrooms, and low-flow amenities are the perfect solution for saving water.
  9. Fireplace: A fireplace in the bathroom is an old tradition dating back before heat pumps kept our homes warm, but modern homeowners are putting a new twist on it. The fireplace is a lovely feature whether it uses real wood or natural gas.
  10. Large Windows: The addition of large windows doesn’t mean you have to forsake privacy. Glass block or obscured glass are a wonderful way to allow natural light into the bathroom without feeling as if the entire neighborhood can watch you shower.

Bathroom trends for 2016 are truly ramping up to be some of the most incredible spaces we’ve ever helped build. We look forward to hearing about your ideas and helping you realize your bathroom’s full potential. Give us a call at 908-789-9151 to discuss your bathroom remodeling ideas or to schedule a consultation. We’re located in central New Jersey and provide kitchen and bathroom remodeling services to homeowners throughout the surrounding areas.

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