A lot of builders focus on remodeling the master bath and give little attention to other bathrooms throughout the home. We love the idea of adding true luxury to the entire master suite, but we also like to take other bathrooms into consideration as well.

  1. Towel Warming Racks: Everyone loves those nice, fluffy, warm towels at the spa. Carry that luxury over into your everyday experience with towel warming racks by the tub and shower.
  2. Heated Flooring: We often use rugs to decorate and take away the chill in the bathroom floor. Consider radiant heat flooring instead of rugs and experience an entirely new type of warmth in your bathroom flooring.
  3. A Bidet: A staple in most European bathrooms, the bidet is often overlooked or not even taken into consideration in the United States. This is one luxury item you should take into consideration for your new luxurious bathroom.
  4. A Soaking Tub: True relaxation can be had much more easily when you’re lying back enjoying a nice book or relaxing music in your amazing soaking tub. Add jets to help ease the tension away.
  5. A Steam Shower: Steam opens up the pores in our skin and helps wash away the toxins from everyday activities. It also helps relieve tired muscles and the soreness we feel in arthritic joints or old injuries.
  6. A Music System: Many of us use our iPod or smart phone in a docking station for music in other areas of the home. Consider built-in speakers in the bathroom to enjoy the same hands-free music.
  7. Textures and Patterns: Use different textures and patterns to create an amazing ambience in the bathroom. Large tile flooring with smaller tiles in the shower create a very open appearance. Consider a faux finish for the walls or a nice tone-on-tone design.
  8. Ambient Lighting: Lighting is quite possibly the most important thing to take into consideration when you’re designing a truly luxurious bathroom. You don’t want to have blinding light in your eyes as you try to relax in the soaking tub or too little light when you’re preparing for work or a night on the town. Ambient lighting can come from the windows, shelving, elegant wall sconces or several other light sources.
  9. Large Windows: Windows are a wonderful addition to the bathroom. They can be added as skylights, thick glass block windows, or windows around the top of the wall. The natural light often serves to provide plenty of ambient lighting for the entire bathroom.
  10. Accessories: Accessorize! We love accessories. Add portraits, paintings, decorative sconces, shelving, rugs, curtains, blinds, and may other decorative items. Accessories allow you to change the appearance of your bathroom at any given time, so go crazy with them.

Borrow from One for the Other

You can often reuse items like towel racks, shower curtains and rods, glass doors, toilets, vanities, and sinks to spruce up a secondary bathroom when you remodel the bathroom in your master suite. This allows you to update both bathrooms with very little additional cost. Please keep in mind that measurements must be precise, and some items from the master bath may be too large for secondary bathrooms throughout the home.

SEI Construction has been providing very high quality remodeling and building services for more than 20 years in the central New Jersey area. Our goal is to make you feel like your address is truly the finest address in town because every space can be amazing. Give us a call at 908-789-9151 if you’re planning a remodeling project in central Jersey for 2016. We will remind you why you loved your home and help you fall in love with it all over again.

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