kids bathroom design

When it comes to sharing a bathroom with children, it can be a test of patience. It’s hard for countertops, tub space and flooring to stay clean. To top it off, many homes in Westfield, New Jersey have shared bathrooms so; whether you’re sharing the space with children or they’re sharing the bathroom with one another, adding some elements in the design can help everyone stay sane and clean. Here are 9 planning tips for a kid’s bathroom without the chaos.

  1. Step-up the kid’s bathroom space. Eliminate that bulky step-stool that’s oddly placed in the kid’s small bathroom by having one built into their vanity like the one pictured here. Since bathroom vanities are often designed for adult use; a built-in step stool can make the faucet and other necessities your children will need easier to reach – and it can easily be pushed into place when not in use.

built-in step stool kids bathroom


  1. Include open shelving. Children have an easier time finding things (and putting them away) when they are in plain sight. Open shelving can store bath toys, towels and toiletries.

kids bathroom vanity

  1. Ditch the towel bar. Instead of picking out towel bars, opt for hooks. The children hang their towels, robes and change of clothes up on their own. You also don’t have to fuss with refolding or adjusting decorative towels.


  1. Choose a big kids bathroom sink. If your bathroom has the space, consider a large trough sink instead of double sinks. The larger sink has enough elbow room for multiple kids to brush their teeth at the same time — eliminating bathroom bottlenecks.

bathroom sink for kids bathroom

  1. Use family photos as art. Display those Mother and Father’s Day portraits and finger paint artworks instead of hanging a typical landscape. You can also add souvenirs from local trips. Say for example, you live in Central New Jersey; you might consider adding art your children have created at local Westfield studios and activity centers. This makes the space personal for all those sharing it.

kids bathroom wall art


  1. Install wainscoting on the bathroom wall. You probably already know how rough children can be on walls, especially with a Crayola in their hands. Installing wainscoting not only will help make those clean ups easier it can be painted with semi-gloss or glossy paint, which thoroughly protects the lower parts of the walls against moisture.

kids bathroom durable wainscoting

  1. Be clever with bathroom storage. Storage in a kids bathroom is critical. You can start with open shelving, but as they grow, so do their toiletries. If you have a teen in the home, they’ll need a cabinet of their own. Some middle bathrooms in and around Westfield, New Jersey lack the space needed to install additional cabinets and shelving. The cute cupboard over the toilet in this image is the perfect example of making every bit of space in a small bathroom work.

kids bathroom built in storage

  1. Consider full wall bathroom tile. This is an especially good tip for the backsplash. When children are tidying up, they tend to splash water on the countertops and wall behind the sink. A backsplash that continues up to the ceiling will protect your dry wall from getting soggy.

kids bathroom durable tile design


9. Choose a kid-proof bathroom countertop. Speaking of countertops, granite countertops can be stained and scratched. We recommend using quartz, which is scratch- and stain-resistant and mimics the luxurious look of granite. Added benefit: According to the NY Times, if you ever plan on reselling your home in the future, quartz is a favorite among home buyers in the Westfield, New Jersey market.

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