Kitchen Renovation Layout Options and Ideas

Have you been contemplating a major kitchen update but aren’t sure which layout will work best for your kitchen renovation? There are many options to consider when choosing a kitchen layout—so many, in fact, that the choices can feel overwhelming. By asking yourself a few simple questions, it can actually be quite easy to determine the best layout for your kitchen renovation.

Let’s start with a few ground rules to keep in mind when you are deciding on your kitchen renovation layout. First, it is important to consider how much storage space you will need, how you plan to use the area, and how much is in your budget for the total kitchen remodel cost (view kitchen remodel costs for Westfield, New Jersey and surrounding communities here).

If your home is the go-to for holidays and celebrations, a family-centered kitchen renovation with casual seating around the kitchen island is a perfect fit. This layout provides space for entertaining friends and family while food is being prepared, and offers additional counterspace. To ensure the room is proportionate and not overpowered by the island; it’s suggested that this kitchen renovation layout will also incorporate a large refrigerator, dishwasher and stove – all of which will help accommodate family-style dining. Additionally, a kitchen island cooktop can help make the island the hub of the kitchen. Check out a few family-centered kitchen renovations in Westfield, New Jersey and surrounding communities below:

kitchen island with lots of seating

Kitchen remodel in Westfield, New Jersey

Storage space is also important to kitchen layout. Determine whether or not you need a kitchen pantry, how deep your cabinets should be, and whether you will need extra cabinet storage under a large kitchen island.

Other kitchen layouts include galley and one-wall kitchen layouts, which are much more suitable for smaller spaces.

kitchen remodel with historical features

U-shaped kitchen renovation layouts allow for a large amount of cabinet and storage space.

kitchen with granite countertop updates

Kitchen remodel in Scotch Plains

L-shaped kitchen renovation layouts are ideal for maximizing kitchens that have a corner.

Whether your ideal kitchen renovation is a cozy spot that invites family and friends to settle in for a chat or a stylish focal point outfitted with the latest high-tech appliances, our full-service remodeling company will help you transform the kitchen of your home in or around Westfield, New Jersey into the paradise you’ve been dreaming of. Read more on our kitchen remodel services here, or browse kitchen galleries here.