A mudroom is the perfect stopping point when you’re gathering footwear, wet clothes and sports gear on the go. It also acts as the perfect organizing space for totes, coats and backpacks. Mudrooms have grown so much in popularity that their versatility has shown to increase home value.

How Does a Mudroom Increase Home Value?

If you are considering investing in a mudroom, it’s worth it. Why? So many homeowners and homebuyers know the whoa brought on by clutter, insufficient storage space, and lack of organization. A mudroom expands your storage area, providing extra space to keep your things. Instead of opening closets and shelves inside the house to place things in, you simply hang them on low hooks or place them on an open shelf even before you enter the house. This is especially handy when you have kids who might be too lazy to go open a closet and hang a coat.

Better organization and neatness. Without all that stuff coming into the main living area, your home looks neater and more organized. With the improved organization, less maintenance is required. Finding things becomes easier as you no longer have to search for items time under the couches or behind furniture.

Mudroom Design That Adds Home Value 

A perfectly designed mudroom will keep mud and dirt outside while adding to the value of your home. Here are several mudroom designs that will change your life for the better:

Shelving– The ability to neatly organize items like scarves, coats, snowsuits, hats, shoes, and other pieces of clothing is imperative. Open shelving or closed cabinetry are both great options

Mudroom in new construction home with lockers

Storage– Use the mudroom to store things used in outdoor activities and sports. This is a great place to store sports equipment such as hockey or football gear.

mudroom with white cabinets and chrome hardware

Seating– Benches are a wonderful way to add seating and storage. Individual chairs may be needed if there isn’t enough space to build built-in benches for seating.

mudroom with minimalist design

Washer and Dryer– Combine mudroom with laundry room for added convenience or install a small laundry area specifically for muddy clothing. This is the perfect spot to install laundry facilities because it aids in keeping the mud out of other areas of your home.

Sink– A sink can be a great feature for washing dirty hands or presoaking super-dirty or grass-stained clothing. The idea of the mudroom is to contain all of the dirt in one spot so you don’t have to worry about mud and dirt being tracked through the rest of the home.

Shower– Go a step further and include a shower so that dirty children can get clean again before running through the house. Include a pet washing hose for keeping the dog clean after it has been in the yard playing with the children.

Toilet– When you gotta go… Children don’t understand the importance of taking shoes off before they run in to go to the bathroom when they’re busy playing outside. They want to run in, relieve themselves, run back out. Create a mudroom that may be closed off from the rest of the home to allow quick trips to the toilet without worrying about the rest of the home getting dirty.

Finishes & Materials– A mudroom doesn’t have to be all… mud. It can also be a key design feature in your home. The sky is the limit from custom cabinetry and tile or stonework. Remember, this will most likely become your family’s main entry into your home.