Versatile Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Remodeling your bathroom can provide you with the latest bathroom features, upgraded materials, and simply put, a room you enjoy being in. Most homeowners want a bathroom remodel contractor who will guide them along the way, be an ally throughout the process, and design and build a beautiful space with all of the ideas and concepts they shared. This blog can provide you with solid advice and tips to achieve that. We are sharing the most versatile bathroom remodeling ideas to transform your space. 

Learn How to Transform Your Bathroom Remodel Through:

Elements that never depreciate

Making your bathroom more comfortable

Incorporating storage solutions

The suggestions below can be applied to most bathroom types. However, we recommend our master bathroom design guide and kids’ bathroom design guide for specific products that apply to those spaces.

Most of what’s discussed below are based on popular features and ROI requests in Westfield NJ, and surrounding townships. If you live outside of the central New Jersey area, check out Hanley Wood’s Cost vs. Value guide for projects and ROI that apply to your area. 

The Benefits You Will Gain From a Beautiful Bathroom

Update your shower with new tiles, seating, glass enclosures, and shower trimming

Replace outdated bathroom countertops with a durable and polished countertop option

Upgrade your flooring with a new material that compliments your preferences and lifestyle, including heated flooring

Create a focal point with a fresh coat of paint or tile design

It is a great way to increase your home value and make your space more functional and aesthetically pleasing

Ready to gather inspiration for the bathrooms in your home? Let’s get started.

How to Hire the Best Contractor for Your Bathroom Remodel

Before you bring your Pinterest and Instagram idea boards to life, it is important that you find a bathroom remodeling contractor that is a good fit for your project and provides project management skills to oversee all aspects of your remodel. Our Choosing the Right Remodeling Company Guide takes the frustration and guesswork out of the process. We suggest getting your free download and using it as a checklist during your search.


Towel Warming Racks

Everyone loves those nice, fluffy, warm towels at the spa. There are a range of options that make carrying that luxury over into your bathroom renovation obtainable and affordable. Towel warming racks compliment all types of designs but seem to be the most popular with sp;a-like bathroom designs and modern bathroom design spaces. 

Heated Flooring

We often use rugs to decorate and take away the chill on the bathroom floor. However, if you live in the northeast, you are all too familiar with chilly mornings and the impact they have on your home’s flooring. Many homeowners are surprised when they discover how cost-effective heated flooring is. The average cost is $10-$12 a square foot. Make sure to do your research to ensure you choose the best bathroom flooring option for your space.

glass enclosed walk-in shower

A Steam Shower

Steam opens up the pores in our skin and helps wash away the toxins from everyday activities. It also helps relieve tired muscles and the soreness we feel in arthritic joints or old injuries. Our tell-all guide can help you choose the best shower type: steam shower vs. a jetted shower for your bathroom design.

A Soaking Tub

True relaxation can be had much more easily when you’re lying back enjoying a nice book or relaxing music in your amazing soaking tub. Add jets to help ease the tension away. There are two main options: freestanding vs built-in tubs. Each has its tub type pros and cons.

Bathroom Design Elements That May Increase Your Home Value

bathroom remodel summit nj -min

A New Bathroom Shower (with Textures and Patterns)

This one should come as no surprise. Think back to the time you were in the market for a home. The bathroom shower was likely one feature that drew you into the room – good or bad. These days homeowners and buyers alike want a functional shower that adds to the ambiance of their space. If your shower is not appealing, replacing the tiles, flooring, and fixtures with ones that incorporate textures and patterns can create an amazing ambiance. 

There are tons of ideas for walk-in shower styles. We also cover framed vs. frameless showers, so you’ll have all the resources needed to make the best choices for your home and shower space.

Ambient Lighting

Lighting is quite possibly the most important thing to take into consideration when you’re designing a bathroom. You don’t want to have blinding light in your eyes as you try to relax in the soaking tub or too little light when you’re preparing for work or a night on the town. Ambient lighting can come from the windows, shelving, elegant wall sconces, or several other light sources.

Large Windows

Windows are a wonderful addition to the bathroom. They can be added as skylights, thick glass block windows, or windows around the top of the wall. The natural light often serves to provide plenty of ambient lighting for the entire bathroom.

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