Adding the Finishing Touches for Your New Kitchen

Finishing Touches That Make An Impact Post-Renovation A newly remodeled kitchen provides more room, functionality, and a modern feel to even the most dated kitchen. You’ve heard the phrase the devil is in the details; that rings true when adding the finishing touches to your new kitchen. Let’s talk about several ways to add kitchen finishing

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5 Tips to Surviving a Kitchen Remodeling Project

5 Tips to Surviving a Kitchen Remodeling Project Let’s be honest; remodeling projects make homeowners nervous and anxious. As negative as that sounds, and as much as it may make you rethink your project, remodeling doesn’t have to be stressful. Check out our top five steps to surviving a kitchen remodeling project. Some of these

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Kitchen Renovation Layout Options and Ideas

Kitchen Renovation Layout Options and Ideas Have you contemplated a significant kitchen update but aren’t sure which layout will work best for your renovation? There are many options to consider when choosing a kitchen layout—so many that the choices can feel overwhelming. It can be pretty easy to determine the best layout for your kitchen

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Kitchen Backsplash Trends for Home Renovation Projects

Kitchen Backsplash Trends [2022] Backsplash has the potential to be one of the most eye-catching design elements of a kitchen. That’s why kitchen backsplash design has become more creative, colorful, and artful. Many backsplash trends feature designs that incorporate textures and different shaped tiles. With endless backsplash tile retailers and styles to choose from, finding

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How Will a Kitchen Remodel Addition Affect Your Home’s Value?

How Will a Kitchen Remodel Addition Affect Your Home’s Value? Have you found yourself getting frustrated with your kitchen space? Does the layout not provide the functionality you need at this point in your life? Have you outgrown the space and find it hard to entertain guests? Some of the best kitchen makeovers come from

Top 4 Kitchen Countertop Materials

Top 4 Kitchen Countertop Materials If you are researching design materials for your kitchen remodel, you’ve likely come across various home improvement blogs with information on the best countertops. That’s why we’ve taken our approach further and prepared a kitchen countertop material guide. It includes granite, marble, quartz, and more. You will also discover the

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