Project Planning

4 Ways to Get the Best Work from Your Contractor

4 Ways to Get the Best Work from Your Remodeling Contractor Why Work with a Remodeling Contractor? Working with a remodeling and renovation contractor can eliminate the stress, overwhelm, and product uncertainty that comes with kitchen remodels, bathroom updates, and home makeovers. It can also keep your project on time and on budget. We’ve serviced


Starting Your Historic Home Renovation: What To Do & Not Do

Starting Your Historic Home Renovation: What To Do & Not Do There are many historic homes in Westfield, NJ & surrounding townships. Many homes with character, history, and value. If you’ve recently decided to restore a home to its glory days, you will likely have many questions. After all, undertaking a historic restoration is different

Historic home restoration

Planning For Whole House Renovation Costs

Planning for Whole-House Renovation Costs Remodeling even one room can seem overwhelming, but tackling multiple rooms or a whole-house remodel that requires a gut renovation takes careful planning, preparation, and budgeting. The good news is that your home improvement projects can all come to fruition with proper renovation cost planning. First, if you want to

interior renovation home living room

6 Things Not to Do When Remodeling Your Home

6 Things Not to Do When Remodeling Your Home We have compiled a list of the top seven things to avoid when planning and working through a home remodeling project. Whether you are working with a remodeling company to update your outdated space, add to your home via an addition, or increase functionality and workflow,

Remodeling ROI

Remodeling Trends & High ROI Projects [Updated for 2022]

Remodeling Trends & High ROI Projects [Updated for 2022] Are you dreaming of a fresh look for your spaces this year? With so many interior design possibilities to choose from, you may be wondering what the top design trends in 2022 are, and what will give you the most return on your investment. We’ve compiled

Kitchen Design Trends in 2021

Basement Remodeling Contractors & Basement Projects

Basement Remodeling Contractors & Basement Project Must-Knows You’ve likely been planning your basement remodel for some time. Whether you’ve just gathered concepts from the internet or you require basement finishing, you want it done right. Asking your contractor these questions and avoiding common misconceptions before you hire will eliminate a lot of headaches. Questions to

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Remodeling Trends & High ROI Projects – 2021 Edition

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Kitchen Design Trends in 2021

How Will a Kitchen Remodel Addition Affect Your Home’s Value?

How Will a Kitchen Remodel Addition Affect Your Home’s Value? Have you found yourself getting frustrated with your kitchen space? Does the layout not provide the functionality you need at this point in your life? Have you outgrown the space and find it hard to entertain guests? Some of the best kitchen makeovers come from

A Guide For Starting An Interior Renovation Project

A Guide for Starting an Interior Renovation Project Nine times out of ten, if you have lived in your home for a few years and gone through many life stages, you likely have found yourself on Houzz, Pinterest, or Instagram looking at house renovation ideas. Even most new homeowners who are not moving into a

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