Can you believe its 2016 already? Are you already in the process of planning your upcoming kitchen remodeling project? A lot of homeowners make home improvement related New Year’s Resolutions to keep up with their home maintenance and improvement schedules. This is a great way to make sure you take on at least one home improvement project every year to keep your home updated and modern.

  1. Simplicity – Luxury has never been so simple. Sleek new appliances help keep everything looking amazing and out of the way. Modern and streamline kitchens are the next big thing.
  2. Customization – The Internet has opened up an all new way of customizing your kitchen. You can order custom tiles for the backsplash or entirely custom backsplashes, and custom light fixtures with relative ease. The sky’s the limit these days. If you can dream it up it can become reality>
  3. All-Purpose Storage – Create storage for wine, herbs, and other items in addition to cabinetry for dishes. Appliance garages and lift out storage help maintain the sleek appearance while providing a nice hiding spot for small appliances such as the coffee maker and toaster.
  4. Smart Appliances – Smart appliances are becoming more popular year after year. We have refrigerators that keep track of your grocery list, ranges that hold onto your recipes, and dishwashers that will wait until power consumption is at its lowest through the day to operate.
  5. Unique Appliances – Wine storage units, column-style or drawer-style refrigerators, and small drawer dishwashers free up space in the cabinetry for additional cabinets. The steam oven is geared toward a healthier lifestyle and is a great way to heat up leftovers from the day before.
  6. Painted Appliances – Add a spark of color to your appliances by painting them whatever color you wish. Most auto body shops will paint items like the range hood, dishwasher, and refrigerator to your specifications.
  7. Ornate Backsplashes – Add a dramatic flair to your kitchen by installing an ornate backsplash that adds color and sophistication to your kitchen. Faux textured surfaces are becoming the next big thing in countertops and backsplashes. Consider a velvet or leather appearance with the durability of stone.
  8. Mobility and Transformation – Everyone still loves the idea of a kitchen island, but sometimes they just get in the way. Opt for an island with wheels that unlock when you need extra space and need to move it, but lock when you don’t want it to move.
  9. Open Shelving – The open shelving and glass cabinet trend began in 2015 and is going to continue into 2016. We see a lot of decor options opening up for open shelving and glass cabinetry. You can easily add a splash of color that will be seen from every angle with either option.

Many of the kitchen remodeling trends that began in 2015 are continuing throughout 2016 in some form or fashion. A lot of homeowners are taking advantage of the ability to create a smart home with smart appliances for their new kitchen, custom tile, and custom lighting. We’ve seen some pretty amazing custom kitchen cabinet hardware on crafty websites like Etsy as well. Call us at 908-789-9151 to discuss your upcoming kitchen remodeling project or to schedule an onsite consultation with us. We will work to create the kitchen you deserve because, as our tagline states, we believe every space can be amazing.

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