Coronavirus: How to Work Through Your Renovation

The current state of Coronavirus (COVID-19) in New Jersey and New York, has left homeowners with a great deal of uncertainty in regards to their in-progress remodel and how to move forward. With the Government and Centers of Disease Control and Prevention advising people to stay at home, many businesses are either closed, working remotely or limited with domestic travel. These constraints make it difficult for certain phases of a project to keep within the original timeline provided.

Project Communication During the Coronavirus

These delays add another level of disarray to an already anxious and overwhelming time in our nation. Our team understands this and has prepared a few pointers on how to move forward with your remodel during the Coronavirus. When you talk with your Contractor or renovation company, we suggest reviewing safe and convenient ways to receive updates, minimize stress and push ahead.

Some of the methods we use at SEI Construction, Inc are: 

  • Daily/weekly calls and emails (depending on preferences)
  • Video conferencing with clients, suppliers and specialty trades

Designing Your Remodel with Closures, Delays and Unpredictables

Just as you’re receiving Coronavirus updates via news and press conferences, you want your remodel team to work collaboratively and do the same for your project. 

For example, the SEI Construction, Inc., project planners, design and construction teams are meeting more often than before to walk-through the next steps of a client’s remodel. This allows for any issues to be addressed in a timely-manner. 

However, one thing we cannot prevent are material delays. Some manufacturers may be unable to keep with their original delivery date due to current events. The best way to deal with this dilemma is to remain agile in your decision making. 

Perhaps you’re fine with riding things out and waiting; knowing that your completion date will be impacted. On the other hand, you may not be. For the latter, we suggest working with your design professional to select available products and materials that make good substitutes. 

At SEI Construction, Inc., our team is offering digital design sessions to virtually walk client’s through catalogs, share renderings of the space and mail samples directly to your door. This allows us to recommend alternatives from leading brands that are available with predictable delivery times. 

Your Home, Workers and the Coronavirus

This is something we haven’t been asked directly about, but it’s likely on most client’s minds. After all, government and health care agencies have all mentioned limiting person to person contact. However, if you’re project was already under construction prior to, a half completed kitchen or bathroom remodel is not something you want to be living with long-term. 

How do you deal with construction crews in your home during this time? Don’t panic, but stay aware. 

At SEI Construction, Inc., we are equipping field crews with masks and sanitation products for use in vehicles and on-site. Good hygiene practices are being enforced by project managers as well. 

Additionally, our dust-control management system, Build Clean, helps us prevent debris and air pollution from spreading throughout your home. You can see it in action here: 

These are all good measures to discuss with your home improvement professional. 

Main Takeaway

Panic is contagious — maybe more so than the virus. Open communication about changes and informing everyone involved, will help you navigate through your remodel during this stressful time.