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You know you want to update your kitchen, but where do you start? This is one of the toughest aspects of home renovation, especially with kitchens; finding the right ideas. Thankfully, it is not difficult to keep an eye out for the expected trends in kitchen remodeling and design. Some of these projected trends for 2015 – 2016 might be just what you need to get your kitchen project underway.

Skip the Color

It is almost impossible to imagine a kitchen without some warm and inviting colors, and yet this is seen as one of the hot trends for the upcoming year. Basic black and white or gray and white are expected to feature prominently in remodeling projects in the near future. Monochromatic colors truly have a way of making the kitchen sparkle. You might be understandably hesitant to tone down your use of color, but this combination creates a sleek and attractive look. Add some splashes of color in dishes or other decor. Look at some galleries online to see how well this can work for you.

It’s all About Storage

Ever noticed how as the years go by, you accumulate more items in your kitchen? Maybe there are a few gadgets that you simply couldn’t resist. Or you might have started shopping in bulk at wholesale stores. Whatever the reason, storage is becoming a prime concern when a kitchen renovation is planned. Some people like the idea of hidden storage, but you can also consider pull-out or pull-down shelves, racks on cabinet doors and corner cabinets.


Each year, kitchen design takes another step forward. The attempt to balance beauty and functionality simply gives you more room to make choices. Homeowners in general are not satisfied with basic tiling for their backsplashes. Instead, options like steel, stone and subway tiles can provide a modern, distinctive look.

Combined Space

Walls sometimes go against the welcoming look you want. At the very least, a wall can interrupt the kind of flow you need to get the right layout for your interior. Industry insiders expect to see more combinations of kitchen and dining areas for the 2015 – 2016 periods. This more open design will give you more freedom with your kitchen layout.

High Tech Gadgets

Experts also expect to see the addition of more high tech gadgets that will make food preparation easier and save time. Many homeowners will be updating not just the look of their kitchens, but the functionality with more automated appliances. Imagine keeping track of your grocery list and recipes using the built-in tablet on your refrigerator.

Consider installing a phone dock under the upper cabinets so you can leave your phone safely in view without risk of spilling things on it. Install a USB charging dock for all who use the kitchen and need a spot to recharge more than just their bodies.

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